Rachel (inugrlrayn) wrote in lovelusthonour,

When No One's Watching

Title: When No One's Watching
Pairing: EdxIzumi (fic)
Genre: Angsty Porn
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This is my first het lemon in... years... so please go easy on me. I've also never written Izumi's character before so I apologize for OOCness.

Izumi didn’t cry the day of her husband’s funeral. She was not a frail person and it would hardly do to shed tears in front of her own students. Ed and Al had kept their distance, but they were there, and that alone was enough to harness her emotions.

It wasn’t until she was home, alone in the room she’d once shared with a man she loved, drunk on too much alcohol and painkillers the doctor had prescribed for her worsening condition, that it became too much. Finally, with no one to witness it, she gave in, salty tears dripping through her fingers and into her lap.

Damn. Ed cursed to himself. He was making sure that everything was packed, ready to go in the morning when he realized he’d left a book in Izumi’s living room. Al lay sleeping on the bed so it looked like he’d be going back there alone.

It was sad really. Coming back had been supposed to be a happy occasion. Al was whole again and he wanted to show Izumi that he’d fixed the mistake he’d made so long ago. To come back to this… it wasn’t fair.

The lights were still on when he reached his teacher’s home. With a heavy sigh, he knocked on the door, unsure of what to expect. It didn’t matter anyway, though. There was no answer. He shivered a little as he waited, wishing he’d worn something more than just a tanktop.

Ed knocked again and waited. A moment passed, and then another before it became apparent that she was not going to answer the door. Cautiously he turned the handle, pushing open the door to stand in an empty living room. There was his book. He could just grab it and leave.

The little alchemist quietly made his way to the table and leaned down to grab the book. It was then that he heard it, quiet but unmistakable. She was crying. There was nothing he could do about that, he reasoned. She’d just have to keep moving forward. Ed did his best to ignore her sobbing as he reached the door.

No. It wasn’t right. He couldn’t leave her like this. Maybe he wasn’t much of a consolation to her at the moment, but it was no excuse to just leave. With a heavy sigh, he made his way up to her room, pausing at the door.

Maybe he should have knocked, but he hardly saw the point since the door was ajar. He eased it the rest of the way open as quietly as possible, stalling as he considered how to handle the situation.

The door hit the wall just a little too hard though, making Izumi look up.

“Edward?” she slurred, not entirely sure if she was imagining him or not.


“What the hell are you doing here?” she spat angrily.

“I came to get my book and…and…” Ed froze, half worried she was going to get up and throttle him. She didn’t though, only glaring darkly at him. It might have been more amusing, as harmless as she looked, if he hadn’t known better.

“And what?” she prodded impatiently.

“And…I was worried about you,” Ed finished sheepishly.

Izumi raised an eyebrow, silent for a moment as she considered his words.

“There’s no need to worry. I’ll be just fine,” she assured him after a moment.

“Are you sure?” he asked, immediately sorry when he saw the look on her face.

“Don’t question me, Edward,” she retaliated, standing to kick him out. No sooner had she made it to her feet then she tumbled back onto the bed in a fit of blood stained coughs, red liquid dribbling from her lips.

Without another thought, Ed was by her side, human hand rubbing her back soothingly. He cast about for something to wipe the blood away, but was distracting by her crying once more.

He would have been the one here for her right now. Ed grimaced, realizing just how hard it had to be on his teacher. Finally giving up, he sat down beside her, wiping the blood away with his hand.

“Go away.”


What possessed him to argue the point, he wasn’t sure, but she didn’t seem to care any longer, leaning tiredly against his shoulder. Warily, the younger alchemist wrapped his arm around her.

It’s so soft and warm.Izumi’s drug and alcohol muddled brain supplied her. Maybe he’s here. It happily ignored the fact that the arm around her felt of automail, that the chest her head was beginning to slip across was lean and still a little childlike. All that registered was someone was holding her, and somehow it had to be him.

Eyes shut in momentary happiness, she leaned up, stealing a kiss from startled lips. Ed froze, unsure of how to react, but still she persisted, fingers drumming lightly over his spine.


That voice… That voice isn’t him the tiny part of her that was still coherent knew it was the voice of someone else, someone she couldn’t quite place, though it was painfully familiar.

“Hold me,” she begged, insisting it had to be him. Somehow the blonde hair eluded her, the golden eyes open wide in shock and pity. No, it had to be him, she’d make it be.

There’s no harm in just holding her. She needs some comfort, right? Ed blushed and coughed nervously, fighting not to panic as she leaned and turned off the light. He was shaking slightly, but didn’t fight as she curled against his side, pulling him back further onto the bed.

They lay there that way for a long time, Ed soothingly rubbing Izumi’s back, the woman’s head pillowed against his chest. Gradually, his nerves dulled a bit and the squeamishness faded away. This wasn’t anything bad, just being there for someone who’d always been there for him. It wasn’t until her arm wove its way over his stomach that he even realized she was still awake.

“Teacher,” Ed started, relieved when the woman’s hand froze.

Somewhere, deep down, that voice, that name all registered. It didn’t quite make it to the surface though, the majority of her mind insisting that this was Sieg.

“Shhh,” she soothed, leaning forward to kiss her ‘husband’. Ed froze once more, terrified both to allow it and to push her away.

“I’m not…” he started to explain when her lips had departed.

“Don’t talk. Not right now,” her words were soft and gentle, so much different from the woman he’d come to know. Ed caught himself wondering if she had always been this way when no one but her husband was present. It was disconcerting, but alluring all at once, the gentleness she seemed currently capable of.

“Teacher,” Ed squawked once more as Izumi pushed herself to sit up, leaning to plant her hands on either side of his shoulders. His protests seemed to fall on deaf ears, and once more she swooped down to caress his lips with her own.

Finally, he gave up. She obviously needed this. He already owed her so much, he couldn’t take away the one comfort she sought out.

“You’re drunk and you were coughing. You should rest,” he tried, pulling her gently against his chest.

“You worry too much,” she chided in the friendliest manner he’d ever heard from her.

So much for that idea. Ed squirmed, trying to edge his way out of Izumi’s grasp, and gasping when she slipped her leg over his hips, sitting just below his stomach.

“You really should get some rest,” Ed tried again.

“I love it when you play hard to get,” she half growled, leaning down and nibbling none too gently at his ear.

“I… ahh…” Ed gasped, losing track of whatever he’d been going to say.

“Still going to push me away?” she whispered against a moist earlobe, hot breath sending chills down his spine.

“I really don’t think…”

“Good,” she cut him off with another kiss, rougher this time, her tongue sliding between his lips. He felt sliced in two, it felt so good, but he didn’t want it to. He didn’t want this at all.

“Please, teacher. Stop,” he begged.

“Be quiet,” her voice had taken on a commanding tone, the soft and sweet person he’d seen before all but gone.

“But Izumi,” he tried speaking her name, hoping it would jar something. Instead he found his mouth assaulted once more, hungry kisses searing his lips. Ed’s mouth hung open for a moment, gasping for breath as she pulled away.

“Just relax and enjoy this,” she whispered sharply, fingers grasping at the hem of his shirt.

“S…Stop,” Ed whimpered.

Just shut up already. She needs you right now. He struggled to relax as she pulled his tank top off.

“I thought you were dead,” she moaned, teeth and tongue worrying the tender flesh behind his ear, nails drifting down his stomach.

“I’m not…” he tried again. He wanted to push her away, but he just… couldn’t.

“Shhh,” she smiled against his neck, palm pressing against the front of his pants. Ed had never felt anything like it before, and fought between pleasure and shame. This was his teacher. Regardless, he allowed it. After all, it was what she needed.

“Like that?” she asked, flicking idly at the snap of his pants.

“I…ohh…” he moaned softly, tensing as she slipped her hand beneath the fabric, taking hold of him.

“I think you do,” she smiled against his neck, stroking gently.

Ed closed his eyes, grateful for the dark. Taking a deep breath he slid his hands lightly down her sides. He owed her this much.

“Touch me,” she beckoned, yanking Ed’s pants off his hips. He shivered at the cold, but complied with her wishes, nervously skimming short nails along the waistband of her underwear.

Ed felt more than saw her shiver above him in anticipation. He caught himself being pleased about that for just a fraction of a second before shame latched on with renewed fervor. He tried to convince himself it was only a sense of responsibility that made him pull her panties to the side, that lust had nothing to do with the way he cautiously explored her folds, listening for the small pleasured whimpers she made when he hit the right spot. He didn’t even mind when her hand left his cock, hands resting on his shoulders for support.

Izumi’s former student was so enraptured with the whole situation that her whispered words took him by surprise.

“Take me.”

“What?” he exclaimed.

“You heard me,” she nipped at his jaw line before planting a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth. Without warning, she grabbed hold of him, rolling over to pull the young man on top of her.

“I…” he wanted to tell her he’d never done this. He wanted to make her see just what was going on, but Izumi was drunk and he wasn’t Ed anymore, not in her eyes.

“Please,” she begged, thumb rolling along the head of his cock. He gasped with pleasure, bucking forward before he caught himself, straining to regain control.

You’ve already gone this far, what’s a little closer? With a shaky breath, Ed sank forward into her, almost coming on the spot as he was enveloped with warmth. There was no denying how damn good it felt.

“Oh god,” the words were drawn out and hissed in his ear as he was buried to the hilt. Ed pulled out experimentally before driving all the way back in, eliciting a soft moan from the woman beneath him.

“Quit playing around and fuck me,” Izumi ordered, nails digging lightly into his spine as she slid her hands down his back. Unsure of what else to do, he followed her lead, pumping in and out slowly, but steadily.

Somewhere in the back of his head, Ed remembered having read about female anatomy. Maybe it was in his research. In any case, he knew there was a trick to making them come, though for the life of him, he couldn’t remember what it was. Failing that, he just kept at what he was doing, picking up the pace and listening with interest as her breathing quickened in time with his movements.

It was soon, too soon. Ed almost panicked as he realized he was about to come and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Why did you stop?” she asked quietly in the dark between harsh pants.

“Too…Soon,” he gasped, taking a moment to catch his breath. The feeling passed eventually, orgasm receding into the background.

When he started to move again, he felt himself grinding against her hand. Curiousity taking over, Ed held himself up on his automail, human fingers her out. She latched onto him, guiding his thumb against her clit. The younger alchemist started at that. It seemed so intimate, more so even than fucking her. If it got her off though…

Once more, he felt her more than anything he heard or saw. Suddenly she was clenching around him, moaning the name of soul lost to this world. In the shadows, he saw her head tossed back against the pillow before she went limp.

It was painfully frustrating, but as soon as she was done, he forced himself to pull out. This was for her.

“You should sleep now,” he whispered, planting a soft kiss to her temple.

“Goodnight,” she murmured, eyes shutting sleepily.

As soon as he thought he could get away with it, Ed slipped from the bed, hastily pulling his clothes back on. He was shaking and shamed and god, he was still half hard. That thought sickened him the most. He barely made it to the bathroom before spilling the contents of his stomach, appalled at what he’d done. The only consolation he could hope to draw was that because of this, his teacher was no longer crying in the next room, broken and alone. For at least one night, she would sleep in peace.
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