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It Must Have Been The Mistletoe

Title: It Must Have been the Mistletoe
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: PG
I own neither FMA or the lyrics to It Must Have Been the Mistletoe by Barbra Streisand

Roy showed up at the year’s Christmas party alone. He did every year, though he almost always left with some pretty girl on his arm. If it were anyone else, it’d have made Havoc sick. Why he couldn’t have that sort of luck was beyond him.

And just as every year, Ed hid, trying his damnedest to stay away from the mistletoe. It was tradition that Havoc or someone would drag him beneath it to meet some random girl. Funny, the girls always seemed intensely pleased for a chance to kiss the Fullmetal alchemist. Ed just looked mortified.

It was a good two hours into the party and Havoc found himself surveying the guests. Everyone looked so festive, not a uniform to be seen. There was Roy, standing idly near the doorway the mistletoe was hung by, most likely either to try and force Ed under it or two catch some unsuspecting lady. Even Ed had discarded his usual attire, dressed in black pants and a red turtleneck, golden hair hanging loosely.

Wait, Ed? Why wasn’t he hiding? It was fairly obvious though. Ed was in the main room and had to cross the doorway with the mistletoe to get to the food. Ed glared venomously at the green leaves above him. He glanced around the room for any sign of Roy or his subordinates. Only Roy was in his path, and he decided the colonel would be easy to sneak past.

Suddenly, an idea for a new prank crossed Jean’s mind. It was one thing to torment Edward, but if he could get the best of Roy too… Besides, the attraction between the colonel and Fullmetal was obvious. It was in every interaction. Havoc realized that not only would this be good for a laugh, they’d probably thank him later. He immediately headed for the doorway, “accidently” knocking Mustang into it as Ed made a beeline for the next room.

“I’m so sorry Roy,” Jean barely suppressed a laugh at the look on both their faces.

“By the way, you’re under the mistletoe… and it IS tradition…” Havoc trailed off.

“That, Havoc, is against military regulation,” leave it to Roy to try to talk his way out of every situation. Funny how he never cared for military regulation when it didn’t suit him.

“But, but… he’s a MAN!” Ed sputtered. Leave it to captain obvious to say the most ridiculous things.

By now, quite a crowd had gathered, mostly cheering in favor of the kiss, if nothing else, for a good laugh.

“Why Roy, I never thought you were the type to back down like this,” Jean taunted.

“I’m not backing down,” Mustang retorted.

“What would you call it?”

“Bowing out gracefully,” Roy grinned.

“Besides,” Mustang continued, a mischievous glint in his eyes, “I’d have to bend down too far to reach him.”

Ed had watched most of the proceedings with an expression vaguely like a fish gaping, but that did it. His mouth twisted furiously at the slight to his small stature, and for once he didn’t say a word. He simply pulled Roy down a little and pressed his lips shakily against the colonel’s in what was probably the most chaste kiss the dark haired man had ever been involved in.

It must have been the mistletoe
The lazy fire, the falling snow
The magic in the frosty air
That feeling everywhere

The look on Roy Mustang’s face when Edward’s lips left his was simply priceless. Fullmetal was incredibly pleased and ready to say as much when he caught the dangerous smirk on his superior officer’s face. He turned to get out from beneath the doorway, but one of Roy’s arms wrapped tightly around him, the other tilting his chin up into another soft kiss.

It was very brief, no more than a soft caress of their lips, but the rush hit Edward like a tidal wave. Maybe it had always been there deep down. Maybe he’d just suppressed it all this time, but the blonde had this urge to pull Roy against him, kiss him over again, and never let go.

All too soon, it was over. Roy’s lips left his and with a small smile, the older man turned and walked away as if nothing at all had happened. Ed simply stood in the doorway for a long moment, fingers against his lips.

It must have been the pretty lights
That glistened in the silent night
It may be just the stars so bright
That shined above you

Ed had finally vacated the doorway, never even realizing the precarious position he’d been in, standing so long under the mistletoe. Though he made his way to the snack table, his eyes rarely left wherever Mustang happened to be. Normally, wanting to be near someone like this would have perturbed him, but it all just felt… different tonight.

Roy caught sight of a blonde shock of hair off to his left and smiled. Golden eyes looked away when he tilted his head in Ed’s direction, but that didn’t keep Mustang from seeing the look that lingered in them. The intensity was startling and endearing all at once. He ignored it mostly, wary of the other party goers.

It could have been the steeplebell
That wrapped us up in its spell
It only took one kiss to know
It must have been the mistletoe!

Finally, things began to die down a bit. As the minutes drifted by, they carried more people out the door. Ed looked around for Roy, but he was nowhere to be seen.

‘Probably went home with some girl,’ he thought sadly. He made the few steps to cross the room that led to a deck outside.

“I thought you would have gone home by now,” a voice called behind the blonde as he rested his forearms against the deck railing.

“No hurry really. Al is off somewhere with Winry and…” Ed refused to admit he just didn’t want to spend Christmas Eve alone.

“I understand,” Roy didn’t make him finish, much to Edward’s relief. He simply moved closer until he was standing, leaning against the railing right beside his shorter companion.

“Aren’t you usually gone by now?” Ed asked, trying not to hope too much.

“Usually I suppose,” Roy stared up at the stars above, looking almost wistful.

It must have been the mistletoe
The lazy fire, the falling snow
The magic in the frosty air
That made me love you!

Edward tilted his head up to catch whatever Roy was looking at, completely mystified by a night sky glowing with a full moon and what must have been a million stars. Even the snowflakes seemed to sparkle as they made their way down, and Ed barely suppressed a small laugh when Roy looked at him, white flakes clinging to his long eyelashes.

Ed would have expected a frown for laughing at his colonel’s expense, but Roy’s mouth twisted up in the softest of smiles as he brushed the snow from the top of Fullmetal’s golden hair. The blonde looked down sheepishly, blushing slightly and rubbing his human hand along the back of his neck.

“Something wrong?” Roy inquired, smirking ever so slightly.

“I...umm…” before Edward could stammer out an answer, soft lips had captured his. The kiss never strayed beyond soft and sweet, but Ed drank it up, practically begging for more. His arms tentatively wrapped around Roy, finding their way beneath his trench coat to rest against the soft sweater the man wore. He was nothing short of shocked when the embrace was returned wholeheartedly, his slender body wrapped in the arms of a man he’d never have dreamed cared at all for him.

Finally, Roy pulled his lips away, waiting for some sort of reaction from Edward. He grinned widely at the response he got.

On Christmas eve our wish came true
That I would fall in love with you
It only took one kiss to know
It must have been the mistletoe!

“I didn’t want to kiss you, you know. It’s just… that mistletoe must do something to people. I… I,” he blushed furiously as he continued in an almost whisper, “I can’t stop.”

“You don’t have to,” Mustang ran one hand through Ed’s hair as the younger man’s face nuzzled against his chest.

How long they stood like that was lost to them, but one thing was for certain. If only for this moment, a colonel who would be fuhrer, and a young man who would take the weight of the world on his shoulders could be perfectly content to stand in the falling snow, arms around each other, blaming it on the mistletoe.

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