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Ames En Piene

Title: Ames En Piene
Pairing: LustxRoyxHavoc(well... kinda on that last one)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Very squicky and bloody. Spoilerish to some extent of chapters 38 & 39 of the manga.

Roy fought the urge to scream in pain, in sorrow, and frustration. Lust’s nails drove deeper into his stomach, blood trickling down the front of his uniform. He felt them pierce through his back as he stumbled to the ground, groaning in agony.

“You bitch,” he muttered as he hit the ground, her nails slipping like razors back through open wounds.

“It’s not very nice to call a lady names like that,” Lust smirked, looming over the colonel.

Roy might have responded to her comment, but he was more interested in trying to get her to leave so he could fish the extra glove out of his pocket. He was too weak to fight her and they both knew it.

“It’s such a pity someone as valuable couldn’t be kept around,” she sighed, kneeling down in front of his prone figure and cupping his chin in her hands.

“Don’t touch me,” Roy seethed.

“Why not? You’re kind of pretty for a human,” she leaned forward, as if going in for a kiss, but was interrupted by her other victim.

“Leave him alone, Solaris,” Havoc growled from a few feet away. Crimson bubbled from his lips as he spoke, though he didn’t seem to notice in his anger.

“Silly human, still clinging to a fantasy. I’m Lust, remember? Besides, I would think you’d be happy. Isn’t he always stealing your girlfriends?” she motioned at Roy, who was trying to pull out of her grasp. The homunculus dug her nails into his jaw, just barely piercing the pale flesh there. “I’d think you’d like seeing him get bitten for once.”

Unable to move, Havoc was reduced to simply glaring icily at Lust who was too busy thumbing the fresh wounds on Roy’s face to notice.

“Maybe you’d rather I did just like every other girl of yours,” she smiled menacingly.

“What the hell do you mean?” Havoc asked, genuinely confused. Roy seemed to get the meaning though, squirming and cursing quite colorfully at the woman until she held sharpened nails against the veins in his neck.

“I think you know,” she forced Roy off the ground, held up by his chin until he was on his knees. The alchemist swatted at her, angered by the loss of his gloves. If only he could reach the spare without her seeing…

Lust waited a moment for Havoc to respond before shoving Roy back, fingers ripping into his shoulders, “I guess you need a practical demonstration…”

“Get your hands off me,” Roy yelled.

“I’d like to see you make me,” she grinned, twisting her nails and ripping through more tissue, straight into the bone. Roy cried out in pain, trembling involuntarily.

“What do you want?” Havoc cringed at the pained sounds that escaped Roy’s lips.

“I want you to just relax and watch,” she answered, crushing her mouth against Mustang’s in a brutal kiss, digging deeper to prevent his fighting back.

Roy squirmed against Lust, who was now perched over his aching body. He didn’t want this, her warmth pressed against him, her nails deep within his shoulders, her lips against his, her tongue… ugh. He bit down out of desperation.

The homunculus didn’t pull back, just chuckled into his mouth. Roy’s teeth had pierced her tongue a little and stone fluid dripped sickening down his throat. It made him choke, and finally she released his lips.

Leaning to sit back, directly on Roy’s wounded stomach, Lust flashed her free hand in his view, nails gleaming menacingly. For just a moment, he found himself wishing she’d just get it over with and put him out of his misery.

She didn’t do that though, instead slicing delicately through his uniform top and dress shirt, just barely tickling the skin beneath. Roy sucked in a breath, waiting for her to draw more blood. Lust simply grinned, shifting to begin cutting through his pants.

“It would be so easy to cut just a little deeper,” she cooed, smirking as Roy visibly blanched at the suggestion.

“But what would be the fun in that?” she continued, delight shining in her eyes and blood beaded slightly in scratches down his legs, visible when the fabric fell away. He was too angry, too pained, to bother blushing at the fact that he was totally exposed. Havoc did though, and discreetly looked away.

“Don’t look away, Jean. This is for you too,” Lust bit her lip seductively, eyes all but shutting as she gazed at him. Havoc resolutely refused to look, heart aching at Roy’s current situation and the fact that he could do nothing about it. It seemed at the moment, he couldn’t even move, let alone save his commanding officer.

“I’m giving you one last chance, Jean. Look this way or I’ll kill him,” Havoc glanced back towards the pair to find Lust cradling Roy’s neck in her hand, long nails poised at the hollow of it. Reluctantly, he turned completely back towards them.

“That’s a good boy, Jean,” Lust purred, letting the alchemist’s head drop unceremoniously to the tiled floor. Roy groaned softly, tempted squirm away, but wary of the fingernail blades pressed against the veins at his neck.

“You don’t look half bad for a human,” the homunculus purred in his ear , “No wonder the girls like you so much.”

“Get the fuck off me,” Roy growled, trying to push the sin away.

“What’s wrong, Roy? Am I not good enough for you?” Her voice had a sinister ring to it. Sharp talons grazed pale flesh, reaching behind her to glide her hands up his thighs.

“Get off of me,” the man repeated, refusing to so much as flinch as she cupped him, baring her teeth in a dangerous smile. Despite the contact, he was still limp as her fingers ran along his length, a fact that seemed to annoy the woman, if you could call her that.

“Don’t I turn you on? You’ve never seemed to have had a problem with Havoc’s girls before… right Jean?” She turned to the blonde man, who grunted noncommittally. Maybe she was right, but it didn’t mean he didn’t still care about Roy’s well being. If only there was something he could do.

“Why are you doing this?” Roy demanded, ignoring her question.

“It’d be a shame to let a body like this go totally to waste, don’t you think?” she leaned down, purring the words against the tender flesh of his neck.

“Get your hands off me,” Roy growled under his breath, struggling to push the homunculus away. She curled her nails against his manhood, threatening him with a silent smirk.

“Don’t I turn you on at all?” She pouted as if she actually cared.

“What about this is supposed to turn me on?” Roy seethed, anger overriding the feel of her fingers caressing his cock. Lust sighed dramatically, her gaze falling thoughtfully on Havoc.

“Maybe I don’t do it for you because I’m a woman…” her lips crept up into a wicked smile and she shifted on Roy’s wounded stomach.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” he groaned, fighting the wave of nausea that accompanied her movement.

“Would you like it better if he was the one doing this?” she asked. Roy’s eyes widened. Certainly she wouldn’t move him, not in that condition! There she was though, sliding off of his body and making her way towards his fallen companion. He had to do something, anything to stop her.

Roy’s extra glove was still in his pants pocket, if he could just reach it. He’d squirmed far enough away from the now ripped fabric that he couldn’t quite reach it, but he tried anyway.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Lust asked, hoisting Jean up by his collar, earning a muffled scream from the man.

“Don’t do this to him. Can’t you see he’s already dying?”

“Well, if he’s gonna die anyway, I can’t do much more harm anyway, can I?” she offered.

“Put him down,” Roy commanded anyway, cringing at the way she held his subordinate. Havoc moaned in pain, unable to do so much as move from her grasp.

“I was planning to,” she replied, lowering her captive over Roy.

“What are you doing?”

“Just thought I’d try something. Since APPARENTLY I’m not enough for you,” she directed her attention back at the man in her grip. “Suck.”

“Stop this. Do what you want with me but leave him alone,” despite his begging, there was command in his voice.

“I wouldn’t want poor Jean to feel left out,” there was mock concern dripping from her lips, even as she forced Havoc to do her bidding.

“Don’t,” Roy murmured, struggling to get away. His movements were inhibited abruptly as sharp nails shot through his stomach.

“Behave yourself and maybe you’ll live a little longer,” she cooed. He glared menacingly, but didn’t struggle, only wincing and moaning in pain as she withdrew their nails.

“You seem to be doing a good job, Jean,” she petted his head as he sucked harder, tears streaming down his cheeks, maybe from humiliation, maybe pain, possibly sympathy for his commander. Despite Roy’s best efforts, he responded, hardening slightly against Havoc’s tongue.

“I think you like this,” Lust pointed out, free hand stroking Roy’s hip. Even now though, he wasn’t fully hard despite Jean’s best efforts.

“Not enough? You can do better than that,” she barely held Jean now, propped on her thigh as she knelt beside Roy’s prone body. Without warning, her fingers skated along the cleft of his ass, only for a moment before pushing inside.

Roy howled in pain, his body confused between torment as bladed fingers cut from the inside out and pleasure as his cock was sucked into Jean’s mouth and sharp fingertips prodded his prostate.

“You’re beautiful when you scream,” and then she was pushing Jean away. He fell with a thump onto the floor and she took his place, slamming her wet heat over Roy’s manhood.

“Get the hell off me, you bitch,” he yelled, whimpering as her fingers dug deeper within him and she rocked harder, clenching around his dick to keep him hard.

“Jean, are you alright?” Roy fought to keep his senses, but received no answer.

“You’re beautiful like this,” Lust rested her free hand on Roy’s chest, gazing into his eyes.

“What would the woman who follows you around think if she found you this way? What will Edward think? Poor, innocent kid will be totally scarred when he finds what’s become of his colonel,” harsh words were whispered sickeningly against his flesh as her nails dug deeper, dangerously in the direction of his heart and lungs.

He had to stop this. If she destroyed him, who would be next? Riza needed him or she’d have no one to protect. Ed… Ed depended on staying under his command to get the leeway to bring back his brother. No, he had to live.

He was fading fast, vaguely aware of her moaning her pleasure for all the world to hear as she rode him, grinding against his pelvis. Everything hurt and blood trickled from everywhere, coating him in a light crimson. It dripped into her hands from where her nails were buried within him, bringing pleasure and pain simultaneously.

He was almost gone when she came, clamping down and carrying him along for the ride. Fireworks exploded behind his eyes and he thought we was going to die as his body tightened around her sharp fingers.

She left him then, bleeding and broken. He moaned Havoc’s name, but received no answer. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. He couldn’t die yet!

His gloves! If he could just reach them, he’d stop the worst of the bleeding. He was wringing himself dry from the inside out and he knew it. Shutting dark eyes, Mustang scooted across the floor on his back to the tune of his own screaming.

Almost there. Almost and he just couldn’t reach it.

Though his vision was hazy, he could still see Havoc’s still form nearby. If he didn’t make it, reach just a little farther, Jean would die too.

Despite the excruciating pain, it was enough and Roy grabbed hold of his tattered pants, weakly pulling on the glove. There was too much to do for either of them to die yet and maybe, just maybe Jean would forgive him someday for not being able to protect him.


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