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Between Love And Hate

Title: Between Love and Hate (part one of.... ummmm we'll see)
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: RoyxEd
Rating: NC-17

Author's Notes: Happy Late Birthday to [info]crazedwolf. For you I write lemony goodness. It was supposed to be a one shot but the story ran away with me. There may or may not be future chapters.

It had all started somewhat innocently. Well, as innocent as anything involving Edward Elric could be.

Perhaps he should have told Ed, just that once, how much he appreciated the young man’s work. Another disaster had been averted because he was just that good.

No compliments were forthcoming. Why would they be? It was so easy to make fun of Ed’s shortcomings instead (no pun intended…). As usual, he’d simply teased the other alchemist about his being vertically challenged, fully expecting the angry tirade that followed.

He didn’t expect Ed to advance on him, didn’t expect the fist in his face, sending him sprawling onto the floor.

“I almost fucking died out there and all you have to say is how fucking short I am?” he yelled, turning to stomp out of the office.

“You get back here,” Roy practically seethed, angrily rubbing at his bruised jaw.

“I’m sick of you,” Ed hollered.

“Get back here or face a court martial,” it was a dirty trick, but it stopped Fullmetal in his tracks. Slowly he turned, golden eyes burning like the flames from Roy’s gloves.

“What. Do. You. Want?” He growled, setting his jaw and refusing to back down as the colonel advanced on him.

Roy almost raised his hand to slap Ed for his insubordination. There were many things he could tolerate. Physical assault from someone under his command was not one of those things.

Ed had been too fast though, tackling him in a flurry of red, black, and gold. Before he knew it, Roy was sprawled on his back, pinned at the shoulder by a metal palm.

Ed’s face was right above his, heaving breaths hot on his face. Before he knew it, he’d captured those lips against his own, his free hand pulling Ed’s head down roughly.

Whether Ed was too shocked to fight back, or simply had no objections was unclear. He didn’t push Roy away though. On the contrary, after a moment, he snapped into action, kissing back harshly, teeth drawing blood as they scraped over the colonel’s lips.

It all happened so fast, fighting one moment, ripping clothes heedlessly away the next. Roy didn’t remember his jacket being pulled off, but he assumed it to have been since he wasn’t wearing it. The buttons had been tugged off of his shirt in Ed’s fervor to have the damn material off of him. He hardly noticed as steel fingers raked over the cloth, effectively tattering the cotton fabric.

The scene could probably have been mistaken from two people trying their damnedest to kill each other. Ed had wrenched his lips away from Roy’s nipping and sucking along his neck, as if intent on causing as much pain as possible. The older man hardly said a word, concentrating on keeping quiet. Ed’s brother was on the other side of that door… His fiancé was on the other side of that door!

They could have stopped. They probably should have. Somehow though, this was the point of no return. Helpless to fight it, Roy pulled Ed’s clothes from the slender body, cursing what seemed to be infinite layers.

He allowed himself only the briefest of moments to gawk at the body that had somehow ended up pinned beneath him. No. If he looked, then he’d have to think, admit this was wrong. He might turn back and it was too late for that.

Pushing thought from his mind, he pressed two fingers to Ed’s lips, hoping the little alchemist would get the point and not get any ideas about biting him.

Thankfully, Ed seemed to understand, sucking the digits into his mouth and promptly wrapping a warm wet tongue around them. Roy gasped at the sensation, vision clouding at the sight of those swollen pink lips wrapped around his fingers.

Unable to stand it any longer, he pulled the fingers away, slipping both rather harshly into Ed. The blonde alchemist shut his eyes tight, biting his lip to ward off the pain as Roy pushed deeper, spreading his fingers to make things at least a little easier.

Whether it was really enough or not, Mustang pulled his fingers away, spitting on his hand and rubbing the saliva on his dick before thrusting it into Ed’s tense body. Fullmetal nearly screamed at the intrusion, biting down viciously on a metal finger, waiting for the pain to subside.

He wasn’t given much time to adjust, Roy moving almost immediately. He drove into the body beneath him violently, slamming Ed’s head into the desk with each thrust. Most of the little alchemist’s golden hair had worked loose from it’s braid, spilling over the cherry wood floors. His automail hand had transferred to Roy’s body, scraping steel fingers down the older man’s back, probably springing up rivulets of crimson behind them.

Roy pounded into Edward, eliciting a strangled cry as Fullmetal breathed harshly through his nose. He pulled Roy down, burying his teeth in a bare shoulder and Roy only moved faster, matching pain for pain.

Ed might have cried in frustration, simply not getting what was so great about having some guy’s dick sliding in and out of his ass in such a painful way, but then it happened. He hit that spot and the young man nearly screamed. As it was he choked on his own breath, struggling to hold it together.

Though Roy hadn’t really moved that way with any particular intent, Ed was gasping and it was a convenient position so Roy kept at it, thrusting harder, forcing pleasured little cries from Ed’s lips. It was all to much when he wrapped his hand around the blonde’s erection, stroking a few times before Ed arched his body into Roy’s, shuddering in completion and falling limp on the hard wood floor.

Roy followed soon after, Ed’s spasms sending him careening into oblivion. It was like nothing he’d ever felt, like sailing through thin air, crashing into nothingness.

He was tempted for a moment to grab onto the body beside him, to cuddle like he would any other bed partner. Ed was already on his feet though, cleaning himself up with a shred of Roy’s shirt and slipping his clothes back on.

Roy thought to warn him of his fiancé, the woman with the pistol at her hip by his office door. Had she heard? Did she have any idea what they’d just done?

He didn’t have the chance to say a word though, because with one last contemptuous glare, Edward Elric was gone.

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